White Team



The White Team is RAC's entry level to the Varsity Team. Swimmers are typically 7-10 years old. The White Team is where good swimming habits start! The season begins in September and continues through mid-February, culminating with the Suburban Aquatic League Championships.  Some swimmers extend the season by signing up for post-season USA meets and train into March. All white swimmers are encouraged to register for RAC's Spring Stroke Clinic, in preparation for the upcoming swim season.


Entry Prerequisites

White swimmers should have accomplished all of the skills focused on in Barracuda including:

  • Proficiency in all four strokes
  • Ability to focus in practice so that the coach can teach.
  • Ability to maintain stroke mechanics over a period of 100-200 yards.


Practice Expectations

The White Team practices 4 times per week. For optimal development, swimmers are encouraged to make 75% of practices, but there is no formal requirement.


Meet Expectations

White swimmers are required to attend all SAL dual meets. In addition, they are encouraged to participate in two USA meets.


Behavioral Expectations:

Swimmers should have a positive attitude and be enthusiastic about learning to swim. Swimmers should behave courteously to other swimmers and coaches. Swimmers should listen and not talk while coaches are providing instruction.


Skills Developed:

Practice focuses largely on technique, starts and turns with a small amount of conditioning.  The emphasis is on having fun. Specific skills addressed include:

  • Technique components of Free/Back/Breast/fly
  • Streamline past the flags w/fly kicks
  • Starts and turns for all strokes/IM
  • Breaststroke Pull-outs
  • Relay take-offs
  • Basic use of the clock
  • Listening skills
  • Circle swimming
  • Lane etiquette
  • Kicking
  • Bilateral breathing by 3 or 5
  • No Breathing out of turns or of starts


Equipment Recommendations:

A water bottle, team suit, kick board and fins are recommended.