Diving is a varsity RAC program that consists of all skill levels, from beginner to experienced. Divers must be a minimum of 6 years old, and must be able to focus for 45 minutes and follow pool safety rules. Emphasis is placed on increasing the technical ability of current dives as well as learning new, more difficult dives. Divers will be split into three separate training groups based on a combination of age and skill level. The team dives from early September through early February, culminating with the Suburban Aquatic League Championships.


Entry Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites. All skill levels, from beginner to experienced are accepted.



Practice Expectations

The Diving Team practices 1-2 times per week, depending on training group. For optimal development, divers are encouraged to make all practices, but there is no formal requirement.



Meet Expectations

Divers are expected to attend every meet they are selected for.



Behavioral Expectations 

Divers should have a positive attitude and be enthusiastic about diving, especially when learning new dives. Divers are expected to demonstrate maturity by being on-time and prepared for practice, and by being focused and courteous. Divers are expected to use good listening skills. Divers should demonstrate an understanding of team and should encourage and support peers at practice and during meets.


Skills Developed

  • Practice will focus on both technique and skill development. Specific skills taught include:
  • Front and back jump
  • Development of dives in all five categories (front, back, reverse, inward, twist)
  • Fundamental hurdle drills
  • Fundamental dive drills
  • Increased ability on current dives
  • Acquirement of new, more difficult dives
  • Minor goal setting (for experienced level)
  • Increased body strength through body weight exercises (dry land training, for experienced level)
  • Increased body awareness through drills and feedback
  • Relaxation and mental training


Equipment Recommendations

A team suit, diving sammy and water bottle are recommended.